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One of my collegues was asking me which tools I use for .NET Development, preferrably of the free or virtually free variety. So for everyone’s enjoyment (and my future reference):


Source Control

Vault (Free for single users)

Subversion (Open-source SCM similar to CVS, but much better.)

- TortoiseSVN (Windows Explorer extension)

- RapidSVN (VSS-like GUI)

- AnhkSVN (VS.NET add-in)

- vss2svn (Perl script to import VSS into SVN)

- FireDaemon (Runs svnserve – or other console app - as a Windows Service. v1.6 Personal can still be found on various download sites and is free for personal use.)




Eric Sink and the gang over at SourceGear just released a beta of Vault 3.0 as well as a beta of a new bugtracking product called Dragnet 1.0. Definitely on my list of things to check out…

Thoughtworks has released a new version of CruiseControl.NET (CC.NET 0.7 RC-1), a continuous integration build system. Each release has dramatically improved the functionality offered. So I’m looking forward to checking out the new goodies that this release offers. (I’ve been running a nightly build rather than 0.6.1 to get some enhanced email reporting features.) I’m intrigued by the multiple schedule support and the new triggers system. I’m hoping that this release can better handle multiple, independent projects. (In previous releases, multiple projects running on the same CC.NET install would have their build results mixed in the ASP.NET app.) Well worth checking out!