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Enterprise Library has been released. Get it while it’s hot! At a high-level, Enterprise Library bundles together Microsoft’s best Application Blocks in one integrated, easily installable package. If you’re using App Blocks in your applications, you really should download and take a look at what Enterprise Library has to offer. Download it from the Enterprise Library homepage or directly from here.

Chris Sells has released SolFx for Nov. ’04 Avalon CTP bits. Yours truly wrote the underlying Solitaire engine that Chris’ code uses. (Yes, I do strange things “for fun”.) Great work, Chris, on creating a scalable version of Solitaire! Now we just have to take a look and see if we can reduce the memory usage.

FireFox is a great browser, but many people like me are wedded to IE whether we like it or not. Too many websites are only tested on IE, especially corporate intranets. So what to do when you want modern browser features like tab browsing, ad blocking, etc., but aren’t prepared to dump IE as your primary browser? There are many good browsers that use IE for rendering. My favourite among them is Avant Browser. It’s freeware, quite stable (something I can’t say about a number of other IE-based browsers that shall remain nameless), and has some great features. I run both FireFox and Avant now, but Avant is my current browser of choice.

Microsoft has entered the antispyware fray with a surprisingly named product – Microsoft AntiSpyware - which is currently in beta. (After the Microsoft Bob fiasco, Microsoft has gotten a lot better at naming its products – even if the names are a tad obvious. Hmmmm… I wonder what Microsoft Content Management Server does???) Anyway Microsoft acquired GIANT Company and its antispyware product only 23 days ago, which is a quick turn-around to re-brand a product. As Scott Hanselmann points out, they missed a few spots though. Still Microsoft AntiSpyware is a welcome addition to our arsenal of tools against malware. I’m wondering how it will fare against SpyBot and AdAware.