A few days ago, I blogged about the Calgary Code Camp being a huge success based on verbal testimony from quite a number of people, as well as the evals from the event. Unsolicited, written testimony is always better than just taking my word for it, especially given that I was one of the organizers. Justice Gray documents his roadtrip to the Calgary Code Camp along with poetic summaries of the talks he attended. Glad you enjoyed my talk, Justice. I would agree that “ASP.NET Kung-Fu: Intermediate Techniques and Idioms” just doesn’t sound as sexy. So I think I’ll stick to my title. Besides intermediate for you is advanced to most. :^) I’m flattered to hear that I’m your favourite presenter ever. Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling all weekend. Now I just have to organize a bunch of Calgarians to come up to your Code Camp in September and win all of your door prizes. :^P (The folks from Edmonton will know what I’m talking about.)