So Bil, fellow dwarf plumber, and I are off to TechEd 2006 in Boston, the city of Duck Boats, marathons, and poor drainage. 47 institutions of higher learning in one city – everything from Harvard to MIT to Boston College. Enough concentrated brain power to do some serious synaptic damage. The Big Dig is still underway – it was years over schedule when I lived in Boston in the mid- to late 90′s… and you thought developers had problems estimating accurately! I lived in Boston for 5 years and it will be good to see the city again as well as a few friends. We’re sitting in Minneapolis airport wasting 4 hours between flights. Bil is busy exercising his thumbs (read playing PSP). I’m busily working on some code for a top-secret project (and thinking that I’d rather be playing PSP). We’re both taking a break to blog about our roadtrip, but decide to post later since we’re both to cheap to shell out the $7.95 USD for wireless access. Bil’s got some cool pics on his blog, including lotto ticket vending machines. As my contribution, I give you the $5 cell phone charging machine and an automatic defibrillator for when you get bored waiting for your flight.

A week of geeking out is ahead of us. We’re both tricked out with more toys than Inspector Gadget and hoping for more swag once we get there. This should be a blast!