I’ll be talking about Microsoft’s new identity metasystem, Windows CardSpace, at the Calgary .NET User Group on August 15, 2006 starting at 5pm. The event will be held at Calgary Place, Tower 1 - 11th Floor (3rd Street SW, between 4th Ave SW and 5th Ave SW). Registration is available through the Calgary .NET User Group website. The event is kindly being sponsored by IRM Systems. Here’s the session abstract:

Windows CardSpace (formerly “InfoCard”) is a Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0 (formerly WinFX) component that provides the consistent user experience required by the identity metasystem. It is specifically hardened against tampering and spoofing to protect the end user’s digital identities and maintain end-user control. Password fatigue and online fraud is a growing problem and is shaking users’ confidence in the safety and security of the Internet. Windows CardSpace is a new technology from Microsoft that helps address the problem of managing and disclosing identity information.

Windows CardSpace implements the core of the Identity Metasystem, using open standard protocols to securely negotiate, request and broker identity information between trusted identity providers and requesters. In this session, learn about the rationale behind the Identity Metasystem, Windows CardSpace and how technologies including the Windows Communication Foundation can help you easily integrate a secure, consistent identity infrastructure into your own applications, Web sites and Web services.

UPDATE: Jean-Paul Boodhoo will be presenting the second part of Evolving to Patterns. So you get to hear about two great topics at one event. Come one, come all! Jean-Paul is a very passionate and knowledgeable speaker about many topics, but especially around patterns and test-driven development (TDD).

UPDATE UPDATED: Jean-Paul Boodhoo has unfortunately been called out of town on a family matter and will not be able to present Tuesday night. Calgary .NET is planning to have him present the second part of Evolving to Patterns at a future event. Instead I’ll be covering more of CardSpace.