I know a few friends who are absolute keyboard junkies. They won’t even touch the mouse unless absolutely necessary. I tend to be more pragmatic about my keyboard use. If I use an application a lot, I learn the keyboard shortcuts. Otherwise I just reach for the mouse. That said, here are some keyboard shortcuts that I use regularly. I’ll skip the usual suspects like copy, cut, paste, undo, redo, … :)


Close current application ALT-F4
Switch tasks ALT-TAB (2D)
Windows-TAB (3D)
Lock your computer Windows-L
Display task manager CTRL-SHIFT-Esc
Run Windows-R
Launch a program in Vista Windows and start typing
Show desktop Windows-D (toggles)
Windows-M (no toggle)
Go to System Tray (icons beside the clock) Windows-B
Launch Explorer Windows-E
Launch application on Quick Launch bar Windows-1 to Windows-0
Cycle through task bar Windows-T – space selects

* Most work on Windows XP/Server 2003 and above, though some were added in Vista. So your mileage may vary.


Open a new tab CTRL-T
Close current tab CTRL-F4
Switch tabs CTRL-TAB (forward)
CTRL-SHIFT-TAB (backward)
Re-open last closed tab CTRL-SHIFT-T
Go to search box CTRL-K
Go to address bar CTRL-L
Go back ALT-left arrow
Go forward ALT-right arrow

Visual Studio/ReSharper

This deserves a separate post and/or screencast, which I’ll get to eventually. For now, download the ReSharper keymap from here (ReSharper 2.x/IDEA scheme). Personally I wouldn’t bother with the “Visual Studio scheme” for ReSharper. Every ReSharper Jedi I know uses the IDEA scheme.